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The missing note! Connections for everyone musical.

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO, November, 8, 2011 - Solarislive, Inc. announces the launch of its website, which provides a free powerful online community tool specific to the MUSIC industry. People searching for musicians, musicians searching for opportunities to connect with like minded people and those exploring the musical field - all in one spot. A long awaited user-friendly online tool to bring everyone musical - to one place. It's a place to connect, promote, and search for musicians that are performers, teachers, adjudicators and students.

The backbone of the service was created and developed by a team with a strong understanding of the power of online communities and the need for musicians to come together in a friendly environment. The announcement of this exciting launch introduces a tool that will help anyone in the music industry connect, share and promote their talents. It is also a place that makes it easy for anyone looking to narrow down their search for hiring performers, teachers and adjudicators. Join today and be a part of this leading edge music community and watch your connections grow.

Barb Keck, VP Sales